Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scrap Model Sheets

This is Scrap. He is a crackhead Chihuahua. He was born in a rich Paris Hilton-like Chihuahua family and they lived in a rich Paris Hilton-like mansion. But since he unfortuneatley had ADHD, none of his Chihuahua siblings wanted to play with him or have anything to do with him. To cope wth the pain, he decided to go his own path and started smoking kitty litter. When his rich Chihuahua family found out about his drug addictions, they abandoned him and sent him to the streets where he lives now with Tool.

Tool Model Sheets

This is Tool. He's a bulldog. Scrap found him when he was only 1 week old in a dumpster and raised him up to be a huge bulldog that you don't wanna mess with. He is loyal to Scrap and will do anything Scrap tells him to do. He acts as Scrap's bodyguard and is the muscle of the operation.

Scrap and Tool

So our final project for Character Design was to come up with two characters from the same world. This is Scrap and Tool. They are hobo-dogs who hustle people for they're money.